Feng Sheng Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

FengSheng Electric (Shanghai) Limited,

A global market pioneer and leader in the manufacture of Clips, Test lead and board-to-board connectors.

FengSheng was founded in 2004. It located in Shanghai and another factory located in Jilin province of China. The Company has held numerous techs on Alligator and Electrical test Clip designs. FengSheng has a complete manufacturer line of electrical test Clips and Insulator Boots.

For near upon 8 years, we become one of the best OEM manufactures in the world. Due to the excellent service, quality guarantee, competitive price and shorter lead time.

In 2007 FengSheng added a full line of test leads and electronic test and measurement accessories to complement its line of electrical test clips. The Company also developed custom test leads for leading manufacturers of electronic test tools, test and measurement equipment, and electrical testers. It rounded out its test lead and patch cord line to include a full solution of test lead kits, grabber test clips, test probes, spade terminals, banana plugs, banana jacks, coaxial cable assemblies and BNC connectors.
As a major supplier to leading electronic test and measurement equipment manufacturers, FengSheng¡¯s test leads are designed for compatibility with electronic test tools and electrical testers produced by the leading meter manufacturers. FengSheng¡¯s products for test equipment connection are a safe and reliable replacement test lead for meters by leading electrical and electronic test and measurement equipment manufacturers.


In 2008, we added a line of insulation-piercing test clips and test leads for telecom test applications. The insulation-piercing test clip is Bell standard, and called out in the designs of leading manufacturers of telecom test equipments.
FengSheng added a broad line of board to board connectors, pin headers and sockets from 2009. Connectors cross to full pc board connector brands, offering flexibility and custom manufacturing capability.

Today, FengSheng markets its three core product lines of electric test Clips, board-to-board connectors and test leads/accessories. The Company also sells direct to qualifying distributors. We strive to live up to its distinguished heritage as a pioneer and leader.

Feng Sheng Electric (Shanghai) Limited.

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