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P/N: FS-5030-C-**-0

Product Introduction £º

  • Material: Alligator Clip: nickel-plated steel with PVC insulator; BNC Male Connector: MIL-C-39012, gold-plated center contact and silver-plated body (RG174/U BNC is a commercial connector with nickel-plated body); Coaxial Cable: shielded RG58C/U, MIL-C-17F, 50 ohm or shielded RG174/U, MIL-C-17D, 50 ohm
  • Length: -12" (.3m), 24" (.6m), 36" (.9m), 48" (1.2m), 60" (1.5m)
  • Rating: Hands free testing at 300 VRMS on center conductor
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