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P/N: FS-30T

Product Introduction ㄩ

  • Features: ﹛ 
    ♂4000 counts digital display with backlight
    ♂True RMS Measurement, DCA Zero funcation
    ♂Electronic overload protection
    ♂Data Hold function
    ♂Auto Power Off and Low Battery indication
    ♂Analog Bargraph Segments
    ♂Double molded housing

    Specification Range: ﹛ 
    ♂DCV: 400mV/4/40/400V/600V
    ♂ACV: 400mV/4/40/400V/600V
    ♂DCA: 40/400/1000ADC
    ♂ACA: 40/400/1000AAC
    ♂Resistance: 400.0次/4K次/40.0K次/400K次/4.00M次/40.00M次 
    ♂Capacitance: 40.00nF/400.00nF/4.000米F/40.00米F/100米F
    ♂FREQ: 5Hz-100KHz 
    ♂Duty Cycle: 10.0 每 94.9 %
    ♂Continuity Buzzer
    ♂Power Supply: AA1.5 V℅2
    ♂Dimensions: 229 x 80 x 49mm 
    ♂Weight: 303g (Battery included)

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