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Product Introduction £º

  • Features:
    (1)Non-contact measure.
    (2)Frequency of operation 48~62Hz.
    (3)Operating tension AC90~600V.
    (4)600V AC CAT III

    Functions 3 in 1:
    (1)measure the phase-sequence
    a. To use tricoloured light that separate indicate phase-sequence in red, green, blue while measure the phase-sequence.
    b. The buzzer would be sounded ¡°beep¡± when measure the phase-sequence in clockwise-cycling A-B-C-A-B. At the same time, the tricoloured light would be  changed color in the red-green-blue-red-green order. The tricoloured light would be changed color in the red-blue-green-red-blue order and no sound ¡°beep¡± when measure the phase-sequence in anticlockwise-cycling. If there is a lack of colors, we can know there is loss of phase.

    (2)As wire finder pen.
    To probe the two conducting wires again and again, they are a set of wire if the indicated colors are the same.3. As neon-electroscope

    (3)As neon-electroscope
    Regardless the sound of the buzzer and the colors of the lights when the probe is closed with the conductor, only are the lights bright we can conclude that the conductor is charged body.

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